EMD DWH for a Leading GDS for its Customer Airlines

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The existing system was developed for transactional nature of application which led to performance issues for the reporting as well as source system, IGT helped with a new data warehouse for Electronic Misc. Documents (EMD) transactions which served as source for analytical needs of the customers to generate key insights.

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  • 15 + dashboard providing real time insights on EMD carrier data
  • Real time analytical processing of 20K+ EMD transactions
  • Speedy reporting through standalone EMD DWH solution
  • Dashboards and reports on EMD transactions. Ancillary sales revenue by route, class etc., which helped Airlines in better decision making
  • Cost effective analytical offerings to the customer airlines and customer system providers with multi-tenant single solution

The client is a leading GDS and travel technology company. Its travel commerce platform provides distribution, technology, payment and other solutions for the travel and tourism industry.

Problem Statement
The existing system was developed for Transactional nature of application and the same was being used as the source to analytical dashboards and reporting needs which led to performance issues for the reporting as well as source system.
The GDS was unable to serve the custom needs of the airlines which also affected the revenue for the new customers of the applications as airlines were deprived of the insights on revenue generated through EMD transactions which became a major contributor to overall Airline revenue. Since the Full Stack Reporting solution was not available, the client faced challenges in maintaining the existing customer base.

Business Challenges

Custom Need: GDS was facing difficulties in serving its customer airlines as per their custom needs i.e., specific insights on ancillary services sales. The information they were able to provide was generic to all the airlines
Performance issues: The current system was not optimized to cater to increasingly growing demands as it was transactional in nature and could not perform well for analytical needs
Predictive & Forecast Analytics: The transactional system was unable to support predictive and forecast analysis as needed by business

IGT’s Approach/Solutions

    We performed detailed analysis of the source system and based on the challenges of the current source system we proposed a new data warehouse for Electronic Misc. Documents (EMD) transactions which will serve as source for Analytical needs of the customers to generate key insights on ancillary sales

    Our Solution involved:
    Business Consulting Engagement on Airline’s BI/DW for EMD DWH for Requirements covering the multiple EMD business processes.
    Extensive Data Model was created for EMD DWH embracing all the business processes of EMD for Multi-Tenancy including the:
    • 65+ Dimensions and 500+ Dimensional Attributes
    • 25+ Facts

    New ETL processes were designed and developed
    Analytical Dashboards and Reports were developed to identify
    • Top performing route
    • Top performing ancillary services
    • Ancillary revenue by customer segment, Route, class etc.

    Self-Service Analytics was enabled for business users
    Web Application was hosted to cater to the Custom needs for the airlines to get the extract