Data Platform Modernization for a Leading Hospitality Solution Provider

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The client’s existing data platform wasn’t equipped to service the growing pool of customers across various geographical locations and cater to their demands. IGT resolved the issues by automating the existing process that led to improved data quality and performance and enabled real-time insights into the properties.

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Business Need

To resolve the issues encountered in the existing data platform, it was essential to modernize the platform that:

  • is capable of serving their growing customer-base worldwide.
  • provides accurate reports in a reduced turnaround time.
  • acts as a secure report distribution and analytics platform for the clients, internal consulting team and senior management.
  • allows seamless integration for new data sources and new on-boarded


  • Scalable cloud infrastructure which is future-ready and geographically distributed
  • Secure physical segregation of data between the various properties
  • Fully automated process leading to improved data quality and performance.
  • Reduced complexity and turnaround time for onboarding of new properties
  • Near real-time insights to the properties

The client is a global leader in the hospitality industry upsell solutions. Operating in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and North America, it has enhanced business performance for its 1000+ hotel partners, while optimizing and developing their people.

Business Challenge
The client’s existing data platform wasn’t equipped to service the growing pool of customers across various geographical locations and cater their demands. It had the following challenges:

  • Not able to handle heavy volume of data required for on-boarding of new properties.
  • Was neither optimized nor scalable towards provisioning the data from multiple sources required for real-time advanced analytics.


The client selected IGT Solutions for its requirement for data platform modernization & reporting. IGT leveraged its extensive domain knowledge and technical expertise to implement a solution best-fitted to address the challenges. The modern version offers the following:

  • Scalable cloud architecture segregated by geos to ensure high availability
  • Server-less and highly multi-threaded ETL using AWS Lambda and AWS Glue for near real-time data consumption and processing
  • Multi-region distributed database for each client property
  • Connectivity to various Hotel PMS systems, LMS, SalesForce and HR systems
  • Centralized RedShift analytics warehouse enabling cross-functional analysis across business units
  • A web portal with an analytics feature for the internal team and the customer
  • Permission and role-based reporting capabilities with various distribution methods
  • Embedded visualization within the provider’s portal
  • Data migration from existing current system to the new platform

Technology Stack in Scope