Crew and Back office support for Cruise Line

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World’s Best Cruise Liners was in need of after- hours travel helpdesk for its fleet crew members. IGT assigned highly travel skilled crew travel consultants for specialized services and equipped handling emergency situations and achieved a CSAT of 87%.

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Differentiated customer experience with 2/5 cruise leaders

Cruise Crew Support Helpdesk
One helpdesk for all crew travel requirement support, operating 24/7

Business Need
The client was in need of a strategic partner who would take up the responsibility of 24/7 travel helpdesk for its fleet crew members.

Solution Overview

  • Assigned skilled crew travel consultants for specialized services and equipped handling emergency situations.
  • Helpdesk supporting crew members: call, emails, spreadsheets & flight advise.
  • PNR creation, amendments, cancellation & refund on real-time basis through Sabre

Value- add & Best Practices

  • Quality checks on defined methodology for all transactions in a controlled environment.
  • Information security policy for maintaining integrity of data
  • Regular ISO & ISMS internal audits for controlled & compliant production environment

Cruise Back-Ooffice Support
Data integration and conceptualization of all passengers

Business Need
The client was in a need for a strategic partner who would take up the responsibility of receiving, documenting, entering, checking, and auditing of immigration data and at the same time have a lowered cost of operations and provide highest level of data security.

Solution Overview

  • Assigned back office for all on-board and pre-departure passenger requirements.
  • Update passengers immigration / travel details, special requests on-board, benefit documents for defense staff on the client’s mainframe Polar & CRM Siebel
  • The process entails receiving, printing, segregating, loading, selective quality checking, secure storage, planned disposal and performance reporting of passenger immigration

Value-add & Best Practices

  • Auditing functionality for all data communications on all communication streams
  • Automation for inputting in centralizing database and reducing paper work
  • ISO & ISMS Internal Audits
  • Information Security Policy for maintaining integrity of data

Cruise Personalizer
Increased ancilliary revenue through online system


  • To enable online sales of ancillary services like spa, shore excursions etc.
  • To enable better personalization of ancillary offerings

Cruise Personalizer

  • IGT created an online system to enable selling of ancillary services
  • Integrated with multiple cruise systems for seamless data flow
  • Phase-wise addition of more services

Helped generate USD 1.5 million ancillary revenue in 1st month for a leading cruise company

Onboard & pre-board Services App
Better user experience through mobile solution

To enable on-board access of cruise personalizer for increased on-board and ancillary revenues

Mobile App

  • Partner with CUK for the implementation of mobile version of Cruise Personaliser (ship side) to provide feature-rich mobile experience to users
  • Provide mobile portal solution on SOA-based architecture which leveraged existing services and functionalities
  • Develop HTML5 based web application that can be accessed through smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs
  • Mobile portal deployed on every ship side data centre and accessible from smartphone through wi-fi


  • Enhanced user experience for customers with easy to use interface and design
  • Increased on-board and ancillary revenue
  • Greater scope for process automation with reduced manual intervention and effort

Crew Berthing System
Eeffective berth allocation leading to increased revenue

Elective berth allocation for staff

Web Application

  • Web application for automated berth allocation for crew, onboard entertainers, artists, maintenance staff among others.
  • Helps in freeing berths for passenger use thus increasing revenue
  • Integrated with HR systems
  • Technology: .Net, SQL

Helped increase revenue by eeffectively allocating berths for crew, thus freeing cabins for passengers