Quality Engineering and Risk Assurance


End-to-end quality engineering and risk assurance services for exceptional gaming experience

For game developers, the most crucial aspect is ensuring that their games meet high-quality standards and satisfy the expectations of players worldwide. It is where the practices of quality engineering and risk assurance are critical.

Studios must introduce exciting new games and keep the player "in the game". Any issues, flaws, or interruptions to the player make it easier for the player to leave the game and not return. Therefore, quality engineering and risk assurance in the game’s development stages are important.

Quality engineering entails testing and verifying that the game works properly and meets the required specifications. On the other hand, risk assurance includes identifying and mitigating potential risks that could affect the game's quality or success. These practices are critical for developing player trust and ensuring that the game is enjoyable and problem-free.

Either studio is understaffed, or developers are so close to the game's development that it is sometimes difficult for them to notice issues and identify potential risks. Reasonable outside quality assurance and testing help ensure player satisfaction and the game's success.

IGT Solutions covers the entire spectrum of Game Testing

Functional Testing

Functional testing verifies that the game functions correctly and meets the necessary specifications. It includes testing the User Interface (UI) and graphics, different user journeys, menus, navigation, user interactions, and all relevant screen resolutions. Furthermore, functional testing includes testing confirmation messages, dialogue boxes, and the overall User Experience (UX) to ensure that the game is smooth and enjoyable for all players. Our solutions enable gaming companies to identify and fix issues before release.

Performance Testing

Performance testing ensures the game runs smoothly and efficiently across various devices and configurations. The game undergoes testing for several factors affecting its performance, such as response time, app download and installation time, battery consumption, and graphical performance. We also conduct network connectivity and latency testing on various networks such as Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G to ensure that the game functions correctly and runs smoothly, even in low-bandwidth or low-coverage areas.

Localization Testing

We enable customized games for local markets during localization testing, including adapting the content, graphics, and user interface to appeal to the specific target audience in mind. Multi-language support is the foundation of our localization testing services. It also includes right-to-left text support for languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Localization testing also includes testing formats for local time and date, currencies, and addresses to ensure the tailored game to the region.

Security Testing

Security testing helps to ensure that gaming systems and platforms are safe from various threats and vulnerabilities. It includes testing for data protection measures, such as ensuring that sensitive user data is encrypted and stored securely. It also involves testing for encryption issues, such as ensuring that all data transmitted between the gaming system and the user is encrypted correctly. Along with these measures, IGT Solutions conducts vulnerability scans to identify any potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your system. We also test access-level validations to ensure that only authorized users can access certain areas of your systems.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing involves verifying that the game is compatible with different devices, versions, and hardware and software configurations. With IGT Solutions, developers can ensure that their games are accessible to a broader audience and that players have a seamless experience regardless of device and configuration. It is critical to establish trust with players, garner a player-friendly reputation, and ensure the game's success.

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing ensures that the game complies with all the necessary guidelines and regulations for release. During compliance testing, we test the game for compliance with marketplace guidelines, such as those set by app stores or digital distribution platforms. We also test games for compliance with regulatory bodies such as the Pan European Game Information (PEGI) rating system and the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). In addition, we include testing for compliance with codecs, such as PAL or NTSC, which determine the format and resolution of the game. Finally, we check for compliance with local laws in various regions to ensure that the game does not violate any regulations.

Recovery Testing

Recovery testing is a type of testing that focuses on the ability of a gaming system to recover from various failures and errors. It can include testing the system's ability to recover from a crash or hardware failure and responding to a forced shutdown and recovery. It also involves debugging any errors during the recovery process to ensure that the system can return to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. At IGT Solutions, we prioritize the Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR), a key measure for the average system recovery time, to ensure operations can be resumed rapidly and with ease.

Other Miscellaneous Testing

There are often issues in the development process that lie beyond strict labels and can hamper operations to a significant degree. IGT Solutions offers several miscellaneous testing services to help your teams quickly meet release and update cycles. Our gamut of services includes multiplayer synchronization testing, which involves ensuring that all players in a multiplayer game can see and interact with each other in real time. We also test the deployment of the new game builds or updates to ensure that they are installed and functioning correctly across configurations. We also check for the performance of real and virtual characters in games and the process of inviting friends for online multiplayer IP. We also test all file uploads for errors and gaming systems for WCAG2.1 AA compliance to ensure they are accessible to users with disabilities. In addition, we test assistive gaming features such as text-to-speech and controller customization to ensure that they work correctly.
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