IGT Solutions works towards building relationships across industries and believes in expanding its capacity to service clients
from every corner of the world. Being a silver sponsor at the World Aviation Festival, 2022 happening in Amesterdam, we are all set to meet every industry expert who is making a difference in the aviation world and help them with remarkable CX solutions for their businesses.

Our Speaker

Listen to our Digital Transformation and IT Services Maestro, Dheeraj Wal share his thoughts on "Unlocking Technology Costs for Hyper Growth" on 6th of October, 12:15 PM (CEST) at the event!

Dheeraj Wal

Senior Vice President,
Digital Transformation and IT Services,
IGT Solutions

Our Experts to Connect at the Event


Rahul Dhingra

Vice President
Sales & Customer Success


T Jai Kumar

Senior Director
Digital Consulting


Piyush Rajput

Customer Success

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