How Positive Agent Experience Amplifies Customer Experience

A thought leadership session based on the recent Everest Group Research on the impact of Agent Experience on a company’s Customer Experience


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Delivering Superior Experiences:
How Positive Agent Experience Amplifies Customer Experience


Over a year into the pandemic, organizations are re-evaluating their customer experience (CX) strategies for the long term. Organizations are also recognizing that, along with the customer, the agent is a pivotal component of CX.

Agent experience (AX) is the sum of all interactions an agent has with his/her organization and can significantly impact business performance. This webinar will shed light on the Agent Experience and its impact on the overall Customer Experience.

Enhancing agent experience to drive Customer Experience outcomes

  • Impact of positive Agent Experience on Operations, Business and Costs
  • Result of investing in internal and external tools for the agent
  • Use of analytics to understand and improve Agent and Customer Experience
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