Customer Engagement
in the Post Pandemic World

Webinar on “Customer Engagement in the Post Pandemic World”, jointly organized by BCG and IGT Solutions

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Frank Breitling

Managing Director and Partner
Boston Consulting Group

Akhil Agarwal

Chief Operating Officer
IGT Solutions

Kathy Adoga

Managing Director, Contact Center Service Delivery
United Airlines

Eric De Neef

Executive VP, Global Chief Commercial Officer
Radisson Hotel Group

Kaushik Bose

Associate Director – CC Partner Operations

Jeremy Ellis

Sr. Director, Head of Customer Care Operations

Priyaah Sundaram

Associate Vice President, Customer Relations

Vipul Doshi

Chief Executive Officer
IGT Solutions

Shaveen Garg

Managing Director and Partner
Boston Consulting Group
Future of Work:

Driven by changes in employee behavior

  • The future is not just remote but hybrid
  • Invest in right tech infrastructure and security measures
  • Think of this as an opportunity to re-imagine and experiment how you operate
Future of Customer Experience:

Driven by changes in customer behavior

  • Superior customer experience is more important than ever
  • Digital interactions are rising but need for human empathy is not going away
  • Automation and analytics are the key enablers to attain customer delight
  • Service providers need to shift from an input based model to an output based model

Airline sales and reservation management


Customer Equation in the new normal

The future of work is looking to be highly hybrid in nature making it crucial for companies to understand the key enablers..
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