Sales and Customer Care transformation for a leading US-based e-commerce company

Discover how an e-commerce giant in the US managed seasonal demand spikes with IGT Solutions' skilled customer services combined with a scalable and flexible hiring model and a comprehensive training model.

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About the Client

The client offers a unique platform to leading e-commerce organizations across the globe to build online stores and increase conversions. Some of their companies offer their proprietary credit payment options.

Business Challenge

The client experienced a seasonal demand spike that typically lasted 90 days, and they hired temporary staff to manage the sudden demand spike. However, hiring short-term and temporary staff impacted their sales and customer services. Given a high turnover in the US, they were also looking to enhance their customer experience, espically in peak times, and needed to stabilize their workforce.

Business Needs

The client considered outsourcing to address the seasonal demand challenge. The client required the following:

  • Skilled Manpower: They needed a customer service team with well-trained resources in sales and services.
  • Ability to scale up and down: Since the demand is erratic, the client sought the flexibility to scale up and down, as required.
100% increase in sales conversions. Increase in conversions from 12% to 25%.


To improve inbound sales and provide enhanced customer care services for the client's specific requirements, IGT Solutions incorporated the following methodology to enrich the process:

  • Sales-focused coaching and training: IGT's team developed a comprehensive sales-focused training program and coach 'the coach' sessions. The training equipped the agents with customer service skills with a focus on meeting the following objectives:
    • Effective knowledge sharing related to upskilling, cross-selling, and up-selling other products
    • Effective handling of qualifying questions using a consultative selling approach. Trained for effective rebuttals to handle objections and ensure sales are closed.
  • Scalability: IGT's team created a comprehensive hiring and training model, especially for temporary onboarding resources and seasonal staffing. It involves adjustments in the minimum skills requirement, a recalibration of the training calendar, and a revision of the nesting pace. It enables the client to scale up in 3 weeks, given that the demand shall be at most 50% of the current pool.
  • Customer Experience: The holistic approach helped the client address customer queries faster and more accurately, enhancing customer experience, reducing costs, and helping revenue growth.


100% increase in sales conversions. Increase in conversions from 12% to 25%.
Less than 5% abandoned rate
20-30 agents trained during peak seasons.
317% of FTE growth in seven months

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