Developing Smart Airports Services & Solutions

Handling 20 Mn+ Reservations/Customer Service Queries

Airline Clients Globally
gross ticketing & ancillary revenue
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Building Smart Airport with Optimized Airport Processes

Today, an airport is an evolving sector in travel as they move from a purely pragmatic infrastructure into digitized & dynamic, information economic hubs. As airports develop, the number of stakeholders and partners increase, leading to higher capacity management, greater need for collaboration and integration of data, while managing costs, dissatisfied customers and digitized processes.

The increasing dynamic scope of airports and the interconnection of information stakeholders and infrastructures lead to complex computing environment, while self-service kiosks, IOT, and free wi-fi simplifies new age travel.

As a leading provider of BPM, Travel Technology and Digital Services & Solutions, IGT Solutions (IGT) recognizes the challenges and potential to enable better travel through technology and process innovation. From self–service kiosks, multilingual social media support to the centralized helpdesk, A ‘smart’ airport with optimized airport processes is the runaway to all future journeys.

Comprehensive Offerings


BPM Services

Providing differentiated omnichannel customer experience to meet growing demand of today’s connected passenger
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Travel Technology

Developing domain focused technology solutions for the Airport industry to enhance operational efficiency
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BPM Services

Digital Solutions

Leveraging Analytics, RPA, Chatbots and new age technologies to enhance the digital passenger's experience
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Delivering Results

  • 3 Airline domain focussed chatbots spotlight

  • 40% sales conversion for contact center

  • Intelligent analysis of 500+ airline business dimensions

  • 12% increase in revenue per call


Structuring Ticket Process Outsourcing

For Travel Agencies, ticketing is a function that entails high process time, while being a low value generating function.
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Case Study

25% Increase in Sales Conversion for a Leading OTA

IGT helped increase inbound sales conversion by 25% through re-engineering and analytics.
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BPO – The Digital Tipping Point

Big Data, Smart Machines and Predictive Analytics are 3 big impact drivers in the BPO space
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