Delivering Premium Customer Support for the most prominent e-commerce giant in Indonesia

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IGT Solutions worked closely with the most prominent e-commerce player in Indonesia to optimize their front and back office operations. Our team cleared 100% backlogs across all LOBs within two months timeframe.

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About the Client - An Indonesian technology company specializing in e-commerce with the most visited local e-commerce website in Indonesia attracting 25% of the total market share.

Business Challenges - The client was facing a massive operational crisis impacting their business and customer experience. It resulted in negative perceptions and feedback on their brand across social media channels.

The following reasons caused the negative sentiment:

  • Major backlog across all the channels
  • Backlog of more than 8000 claims
  • Struggle with meeting the KPI targets

Business Need - The organization needed urgent attention to stabilize its operations and focus on achieving the following:

  • Reduce backlog
  • Reduce TAT for the claims
  • Meet and exceed KPI targets

To drive these objectives, the bottlenecks were identified and worked towards eliminating the snags:

Skilled human capitalThere was a need to restructure the current operations team with a focus on skills as per the process requirements with clear goals and objectives.

Elimination of data processing backlogs: The lack of SOP’s, poor governance, and low productivity resulted in massive pendency of cases across all lines of businesses (LOBs). It was imperative to control the backlogs without adding further to the operational expenses and ensure smooth sales operations.

Stringent monitoring & reporting: It was crucial to establish a robust monitoring & reporting framework that can continuously assess SLA adherence and deliver the desired level of visibility to drive informed decisions.


IGT Solutions provided support across voice, email, chat, social media and back office in a cost-optimized and scalable manner with 90X growth in less than 18 months. The key solution tenets deployed for the client included:

Change in existing business SOP’s

  • Agents were empowered through training and coaching resulting in reduced escalations. This also led to reduced escalations to team leaders.
  • Ticket lifecycle analysis was performed resulting in improved KPIs and lower escalations.

Extensive Analysis

  • Performed manpower utilization analysis resulting in a more efficient process. Resources were cross-trained across multiple LOBs to handle crisis situations.
  • The customer repeat study was undertaken for multiple channels to reduce volumes.
  • Regular interactions with the client’s data analyst team and IGT’s WFM team for better forecasting and effective management. It also helped in better to improve planning and meet staffing requirements.

Skilled Operations Team

  • Set up an operations team focusing on skills as per the process requirements and driven by SOP’s with clear goals and objectives. Resources were cross-trained across multiple LOBs to handle crisis situations.
  • Establishment of a dedicated desk to manage social media escalation, complex complaints and agent issues.

Automated Queue Management

  • Better Queue Management through dedicated queues for various work types and channels.
  • Non-essential traffic was automatically redirected to a separate queue to bring operational efficiencies.


  • 100% backlogs reduction across all LOBs within two months
  • Operational excellence with enhanced customer voice of customer
  • Improved TAT for claims from 3 months to 48 hours
  • 100% SLA adherence since the inception of the project
  • Ad hoc support extended to other client departments along with existing process support

 Tools Partner

  • Salesforce