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Our hiring process is your backstage pass to a career adventure like no other!
No stuffy suits or old-school vibes here - just a friendly journey where your skills shine and your personality stands out. From rocking initial applications to vibes-filled interviews, we're all about finding the perfect match. Get ready to join our crew in these simple steps:


Explore our pages to find roles that ignite your passion. Check out our global location and social media channels for a sneak peek into our vibrant world and the career adventure you will be a part of.


It's super easy to apply for a role. It takes a few minutes to chat with our AI chatbot- TechBud.AI, and get the assessment done anytime from anywhere.


Depending on the role you applied for, get ready for interviews. Once there is a profile match, you will hear back from our team on the specifics of the interview.

Hiring and Onboarding

Get ready for a smooth onboarding journey. This marks the beginning of an exciting and rewarding future! It is time to re-define success together!

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As you go through the journey, stay alert and stay savvy - be cautious of recruitment scams and only engage with our authorized representatives.

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Your Journey

Here’s a quick view of your journey once you join us

And it just doesn’t end there…you will have all the guidance and training you need to build a long, future-proof career with us.
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Staying future-ready

Gear up for success with our cutting-edge skills training program! At IGT, we believe in empowering our people with the latest tools and knowledge. Step into a world where staying future-ready is not just a goal but a journey. Our training initiatives are designed to elevate your skills, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve in the dynamic CX & Tech landscape.

From tech mastery to soft skills finesse, we've got your back; here’s a quick view:

11.2 Academy

IGT trains agents to be travel experts 33 times faster than the speed of light! We call it the 11.2 Learning Academy. 11.2 is the velocity required to escape the gravitational pull of the earth. This training program is designed to train agents to become Travel Experts rapidly.

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Meet our People

IGT is a team of amazing people from diverse backgrounds with one joint mission – To Enable a Better Experience.