The Changing Role of the CEO

Today’s business world is full of shifting paradigms and as the market moves through the volatility, a new wave is surfacing – the wave for enhanced mobility, decisions based on social conversations and maximized analytics.

During my visit to the NASSCOM Leadership Forum 2011, I found myself nodding in agreement with the compelling argument that no matter where you look, this new wave of technology seems to hold the key to solving most of the significant problems being faced in businesses today. A boundaryless world is our future, with mobile application, cloud computing and Social media being the key threads binding it together. Everywhere I look around, I see more interactions becoming virtual. Its amazing to see the youth today spend more time on Facebook than on checking their emails or using traditional media.

During my interactions with the Gen Y in my office & other social circles, I realise that we need to understand that this generation does not respond to the same triggers as the ones preceding it. They are dramatically different.They are all about smart phones, socializing on the move, using applications to do a variety of tasks, far beyond the conventional usage of a phone for voice calls only.

While waiting at the airport lounge, I saw many such tech-savvy users SELF-SERVE varied aspects of their travel experience. The dynamic nature of the audience is encouraging service providers to think out-of-the-box to develop applications and solutions that’ll keep them engaged.

These new age technologies are gradually becoming a platform to personalize the travel experience based on the customer segment and business capabilities. GPS, Android, and Geo-location are all new and exciting apps that provide the opportunity to create digital loyalty, better product positioning and influence customer purchasing patterns.

No wonder, at the NASSCOM forum, this shift in paradigm was at the core of the discussion.  The new technology buying pattern of the consumer is  now based on trust, transparency, conversation with friends and family and expert opinions. It is all about empowering your customers by providing them with intitutive choices rather than on- the- face advertisements.

I see all this bringing in a big shift in the way we see our roles in the future. Firstly, we business leaders need to appreciate the transformation of our own roles from chief executives to chief enablers in this new age digital world. Secondly, it is only by empowering and enthusing our customers with new age technologies that we can spark the spirit of innovation, which will be solely needed to tackle the increasingly complex demands the customer of tomorrow is already posing.

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