‘The BIG 3’ BPM Agents of Change – Big Data. Smart Machines. Predictive Analytics

Customer service is entering a new era and by that count BPM is evolving not only its offerings but the environments where it is applied. In IGT’s 2015 ‘Travel Trends’ predictions echoed Gartner’s report that in 5 years the BPM will see certain manual jobs automated by robots (RPA), for digitally powered businesses.  And BPM Big #3 are responsible for the wave of change that is affecting travel.

An explosion of targeted BPM in this evolution of BPM is of critical importance to Travel.  And providers are fast-evolving to the changing markets, technology and customer needs.

The big 3′ for BPM – Big Data, Smart Machines, and Predictive Analytics – are opening the door to automation. And automated digital business environments will lead transformation –ex: where manual labor was used to input data or fill forms can now be automated by machines or robots. Hence BPM’s role across industries has become one of ‘management’ rather than ‘operations’, hence the change from BPO to BPM.  BPM will create integrated voice and non-voice solutions that include digital, analytics, business rule management and collaboration. And both voice and non-voice will see a greater of degree of personalization in communications.

As customer service evolves, the need for higher competencies, new roles both for employees and the BPM providers, in knowing and working with automated systems and data rises. Big data from multiple stakeholders, travellers and providers help create targeted and personalized messaging that is crucial in today’s times.  Managing and interpreting this data has become automated with smart machines.

Smart Machines for Big Data discovery uses a machine first approach, utilizing cognitive computing to lift users past the hurdles that data modeling and data accessibility presents. [1]  How this affects BPM holistically will be nearly impossible to put a number with the rapidly blurring lines between human and machine interaction.  But each follows a system for managing that future. For example, IGT follows an integrated IT-BPM model of delivery.

Intergrated IT-BPO

Integrated IT-BPO

Confirming the same are Gartner estimates that state that 75% of the total market in 2014 was made up of voice-based services, while the other 25% was made up of non-voice services. IGT’s 11 global delivery centers are currently more voice-driven; but keenly integrating IT and digital mechanisms. The impact will be in how the teams learn new integrations and technologies to support business processes and more efficient dialogue.

Industry can expect to see newer roles and higher competencies define BPM jobs as mobile and digital take center stage in communications.

Managing Client Expectations, and Balancing services growth in Travel
In terms of services, airlines outsource BPM services like Baggage Help Desk, Cargo operations, Reservations and Customer Service while OTAs’  drive Customer Service, Back Office Operations and Sales/Reservations services to BPM.  Recently Queues management, Helpdesk and Fare loading have also seen a push towards BPM.

IGT’s global centers for clients provides calculation of complex fares to migration and management of mainframe solutions, managing dynamic multi–contact channels to building ecommerce and m-commerce platforms among others. Clients leverage IGT’s multi-channel, multi-lingual BPM services that are available across IGT’s 11 global delivery centers spanned across multiple continents.


Strengthening service delivery will bring travel expertise closer to customers to enable quicker services and stronger support for scalable travel operations. Data continues to grow as customer service becomes the penultimate goal in Travel.

[1] http://datarpm.com/blog/the-rise-of-smart-machines#sthash.gregqNY3.dpuf

About the Author: 

Renee Kishore is digital marketing specialist, and a published author. A researcher and writer of change tactics and technologies in travel and other verticals, she frequently posts across the digital ecosystem. With 8-yrs of experience in communications and marketing, Renee has a passion for discussions and can be reached at: renee.kishore@www.igtsolutions.com

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