Staff Augmentation: Travel’s Talent Crunch Defines On-demand Workforce

When it comes to any successful organization –it runs on 2 things – the quality of its people and the quality of its processes. For travel, both play an equally dependent role – one cannot be a good travel service provider, if their technology vision team is weak and a traveller will not bet on a poor performing provider.

And as competitive as Travel is; hiring, training and retaining talent is critical to your organization in ensuring that the IT processes and applications are performing optimally. With IT’s undeniable importance in Travel – eg: applications that support and transform services, quality mobile application development and maintenance, IT infrastructure management; obtaining skilled professionals who deliver is a challenge. Travel too is looking at a “capabilities-driven strategy”, and possibly to fast-track resource management.

Anyone that’s ever worked on a big IT project, a tight scheduled deadline or a technology challenge knows the value of having the right resource on hand to get things done. While, some seek 3rd party help to host their IT environment or manage their applications, many others opt for staff augmentation where external IT talent is augmented in-house. Such IT talent is then trained and fostered under live environment. Often called ‘acquired talent’, staff augmentation gives the flexibility to obtain resources for projects that run critical applications or leverage new technologies.

Why Staff Augmentation? Staff Augmentation helps on a number of business fronts including faster time-to-market, right skill at the right job, lowering cost of training and development and flexibility of managing niche projects without the effort of ‘raising an army’.
Companies stand to gain huge benefits by moving from transactional hiring to strategic IT staff augmentation model. The benefits can be marked as the following:

Cost Effective – With IT staff augmentation, there is no sitting army that you’re maintaining. One pays for the work you need, when you need it and only for the right skills at the right times.

Control: With Staff augmentation, one has complete clarity and control over resource allocation, delegation of tasks and a transparency in the step-wise execution of the project. You’re always at the wheel.

Accelerate time-to-market: It doesn’t matter how pretty the car is, without a good pair of wheels, it’s not going anywhere. The right talent, at the right time, on the right project. Staffing helps cherry pick the right skills for the project in the least amount of time.

Counteracting Attrition: Recent studies show that as the economy improves, up to 40% of employed IT professionals are looking to move. Attrition is a double edged sword as talent is a 2nd most precious commodity in our business. Staff Augmentation can solidify your staffing needs as when you need them – so hiring, retaining and training is the least of the worries.

Flexibility: Travel evolves so quickly that benchmarking a single type of skillset is not really plausible. For Eg: Airline Mobile App services or mobile application services for Hotels that are now the norm. To stay ahead of the curve, one has to be prepared for new technologies and skillsets that are not really in market right now.  Staff augmentation can help get the niche specialized skillset on a project-to-project basis who are ready to hit the ground running.

Addressing the talent deficiency in Travel
Supply chain deficit: The deficit is not so much in terms of talent, as it in terms of domain specific IT talent. The need of the hour for travel is to channel the correct resources with critical domain expertise in verticals such as Airline, GDS, Rail, Hospitality, TMC etc. You don’t need an IT engineer who doesn’t know the ‘A’ of Aviation. This deficit in domain knowledge increases time to market and cost of training.

Domain specific IT resources: Travel’s niche areas and services make it difficult to find trained IT experts with domain matter expertise. Few like IGT’s staff augmentation services match skill to domain expertise to balance performance against future growth.

IGT’s professional services provide on-demand skilled resources to work directly on client sites. IGT’s trademark travel expertise means our skilled staffing are domain experts in Reservation, DCS, Ticketing, Cargo, Fares & Pricing, Route Profitability and more.

IGT’s staffing includes operational efficiency too, as it helps with:

  • Change Management
  • Technology Management
  • Process Management Initiatives

IGT’s staff augmentation facilitates improved operations at reduced costs via:

  • Skill efficiency with domain expertise,
  • Intelligent prioritization of resources and training;
  • Resource utilization
  • Project tracking

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015, workforce capability and organization ‘readiness’ has been significantly challenged due to technology and talent skill gaps. To meet these challenges IGT resources are certified in key technologies and work with you from IGT’s multiple global delivery centers worldwide to provide end-to-end support for applications, infrastructure and business processes.

Staff Augmentation with domain specific expertise is the road to sustainable advantages in the long run. Simply put IGT enables that the right people with the right skill set deliver on the right expectations.

About the Author
Renee Kishore is digital marketing specialist, and a published author. A researcher and writer of change tactics and technologies in travel and other verticals, she frequently posts across the digital ecosystem. With 8-yrs of experience in communications and marketing, Renee has a passion for discussions and can be reached at:

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