Achieve a productive week with these home office tips

Most of us have been working from home for almost two months now, some of us are used to it, and for some it is new. Even when some jobs require a proper infrastructure to function well like teachers teaching in schools or call centers agents taking calls from a contact center for data security, COVID-19 has made us realize that most jobs today can be well implemented from home as well. It has introduced remote work as a feasible option which ensures business continuity.  Sure, there is certain creativity and motivation required to stay productive, but if done right, it gives us an opportunity to boost our productivity and well-being.

Productivity tips that can be implemented from the comfort of your home

Pretend you’re at work –

While we don’t know when we would be back in the office workspace, but that doesn’t mean we get complacent in our home environments. Even when working at home, pretending to be in the office can help start or continue habits that help you stay productive and focused. From dressing professionally to collaborating with team members and being extra communicative, anything that helps you stay on track or even a step ahead will only make the transition back to the office for you smooth.

Maintain a personal and professional balance –

When we start to work from home, it leaves us little time to step out. With today’s situation, it might not be possible to go out, but it is possible to get some fresh air within our homes and in our minds. If there is no clear indicator that differentiates your work and home time, it can get confusing and stressful. Mentally detaching from work once you have logged off and finding a time when you virtually leave work and step back into home indicates clear boundaries to your mind and your family.

Up skill –

A great way to utilize this work from the home opportunity given to us is by upskilling ourselves. Learning a new skill boosts our productivity and psychological state of mind and in turn, results in reduced stress. This new skill can be anything, many of us have picked up cooking, maybe because it felt enforced, but whatever the skill, the thought behind upskilling is pushing yourself to learn something new, which makes us adaptable to situations and also keeps us on our toes.

Self-Care –

As per a tweet by Google, Self-Care as a search term is on an all-time high as people are stuck at home and are using this time to self-reflect and introspect. It seems ironical that it took a pandemic for us to pay heed to our mind and body, but better late than never. Considering we are all sailing in the same boat, a little self-care, whether it is through meditation, healthy eating, keeping yourself hydrated, sleeping well or anything else will help you reconnect, not just with your dear ones, but with yourself too.

Stay Active –

While working from home, we spend most of the time sitting with minimal movement, with long sitting hours, our body starts to give us signs through aches and cramps, these signals must not be ignored. Building your own workout and tackling these early warning signs will help your body get some activity. Use your furniture, take mini fitness breaks, walk back and forth as you work, integrating a workout in your daily routine will increase blood flow and keep us active.

Social Interaction-

We’re all social creatures by nature, even though we might not have the opportunity now to step out and socialize, isolating oneself for a long period can cause anxiety and decrease our immunity. Staying in touch with family and friends to combat this and staying connected with colleagues reassures us that we are all in this together and spreads positivity which keeps us happy.

Future-orientation –

Many of us are focused on the present, as we stay indoors we can still dream of achieving objectives and goals. Setting a long-term goal and planning specific actions towards achieving them provides us with discipline. It is easy to give in to immediate gratification instead of spending time on slowly going through the course of action of our life goals. But the key is to take baby steps towards your dreams for the future to get greater rewards.

Disconnect –

The most important thing one can do to be productive is to disconnect when not working. It is important to switch off and rejuvenate. Find a balance; dedicate an equal amount of attention to your near and dear ones and dedicate equal time to yourself.  Switch off social media and try to meditate for five minutes, disconnect from work in any way you can especially since there is currently no physical divide between work and home.

While we may not be able to control what happens daily at home, implementing positive changes can prevent poor health outcomes and help us cope with the demands of work and family. Take this time to get to know your friends and family like you never knew them before. Along with strengthening your employability, taking care of the little things will not just improve your cognitive traits, but also help you be more productive and efficient.




Gurmeet Oberoi is a researcher and writer of change tactics and technologies in travel and other verticals, she frequently posts across the digital ecosystem. With 9-yrs of experience in communications and marketing, Gurmeet has a passion for travel and reading among other things. She can be reached at