Sense, Simplify, Sell: Capturing More of the Fare Value Chain

‘Change’ within aviation is a daily mechanism on three core aspects – Markets, consumer behaviour and market conditions. With the inclusion of ancillary services, negotiated fares and interlining , aviation’s progressively complex ecosystem can see up to 20 million fare changes in a single week. For airlines to be competitive and strategically ahead, means they need to have their pulse on the core 3 – and – especially when it comes to airfare filing and distribution.  (Register and get FREE POC from IGT)

It’s the difference between managing fare filling and strategic fare filling. In terms of numbers that difference adds anywhere from 3-10% of your overall annual revenue. But when an airline is manually filling 500,000 fares at a given time, strategy can become a kneejerk reaction. While the industry has automation solutions available, finding one with 100% accuracy and fully informed expertise in YQ can be difficult.

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In a move to combat the growing errors in fare filling, IGT’s fare filing service hits the right digits with 99.9% accuracy (IGT Fare filing Success Story).  The service is a strategic tool to build competitiveness and profitability. It automates and streamlines fares, while intuitively monitoring and responding to the market conditions, with lowest ADM (Agent Debit Memos).  Such that identifying the right fares, filing and distribution to both direct and indirect channels, globally, is hassle and error free.  (Register and get FREE POC)

IGT’s fare filling 3-objectives: Sense,simplify, sell.

  • quickly and accurately consolidate data
  • filter large amounts of fares data
  • monitor market and fare changes
  • manage pricing changes, YQ
  • calculate fares based on geo, YQ, taxes, CAT, rules and commissions
  • propose the best possible price
  • mark out private and public fares
  • automated refunds and reissue ( CAT 31, 33)

IGT fare filing benefits

The pace in airline ticket distribution and data sharing has accelerated aggressively, driven primarily by technology. As airlines worldwide evolve their own commercial strategies dividing up commercial and corporate fares, a certain depth and evolution is progressively adding on.
The opportunities this presents in increasing yields, building partnerships, non-seat revenues and customer loyalty within the marketplace.

IGT fare filing key Benefits:

  • the most competitive prices
  • surety that the right prices have been delivered to an agency/corporate consumer
  • better time-to-market
  • improve efficiencies, time saving

It’s a little known fact that airlines were one of the first implementers of ecommerce and digital. Today, as the number of fares and travellers is sharply rising, correct fare filing remains critical in sustaining and enabling profitable routes. IGT helps you get the right fare to the right consumer at that right time.

To quote IATA’s Tony Tyler, “Passengers like to have nice cabin environments, but they don’t seem willing to reward airlines for offering them. It would appear, most often, that passengers choose airlines based on affordable fares and convenient routes.

IGT’s fare filing service enables 99.9% accuracy in pricing wars. Register now for a FREE POC with us.

View: IGT Capturing more of the fare value chain (Infographic)

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