Airline Data Analytics

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IGT Analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) utilizes advanced tools and technologies along with two decades of domain experience to provide insights and intelligence to airlines for better decision making and improved business outcomes. Share this Post

Fully Scalable Datamart Solution for a Leading Indian Airline

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The client wanted an integrated datamart solutions which consisted of a set of intelligence databases serving as a repository of transformed source data to serve the business needs for the airline. Share this Post Synopsis The client had different source systems implemented and huge data available with them but they were unable to get insights about their business growth and …

IT Security Compliance Dashboard and Datawarehouse for Luxury Hotel Chain of Asia

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The client was experiencing lack of IT compliance and security dashboard which would outline all KPIs related to its overall compliance across all the locations. IGT helped with developing IT compliance & security dashboard using PowerBI, SSIS, PowerShell & designed datawarehouse using SQL Server for the client which provided centralized view of their overall compliance at account, computer & security …

Optimizing Sales Revenue & Goal Performance for a Leading Luxury Hotel Chain

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The client wanted in-depth analysis of revenue goal that are set for the sales team with the ability to track current revenue trends and likelihood of achieving the target, IGT provided a holistic picture of the revenue performance and sales and developed a dashboards tailored to the needs of the business to uncover the areas of improvement to achieve goals. …

Developed Dedicated Analytics Centre for the World’s leading Hospitality Company

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The client wanted to scale its existing business intelligence capabilities and exploit the data into actionable insights for explorative, predictive and prescriptive analytics. IGT migrated existing system from Power BI to tableau and enhance the process for streamlined and SLA based turnaround of requests Share this Post Benefits Technologies used Tableau, Power BI, MS SQL Server

Microstrategy Business Intelligence Reporting Solution for a Leading Retail Chain of Europe

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The client wanted to migrate their existing analytical reports/dashboards MicroStrategy 9.x to the newer version, i.e. MicroStrategy 10.x that gives one view for sales, margin, promotion & inventory at a detailed level. IGT helped in upgrading their Microstrategy and developed a platform that gives a single view. Share this Post Synopsis The client was looking for a potential partner that …

Providing Significant Cost Savings in Air Bookings with GDPR Compliance for a Leading Cruise Company

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The client was not able to monitor and analyze overall travel gross ticket cost, trip level cost, market share ticket count and other performance reports and also encountered some serious issues with the data privacy guidelines, and lack of GDPR compliance, IGT provided with a complete datawarehouse & business intelligence solution which integrated air booking information from all customer brands …

EMD DWH for a Leading GDS for its Customer Airlines

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The existing system was developed for transactional nature of application which led to performance issues for the reporting as well as source system, IGT helped with a new data warehouse for Electronic Misc. Documents (EMD) transactions which served as source for analytical needs of the customers to generate key insights. Share this Post Benefits Business Challenges IGT’s Approach/Solutions We performed …

Datawarehouse Modernization for a Leading Airline in the Middle East

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The client’s existing data warehouse platform was built on traditional tools and technology due to which they were not able to integrate other modules in the system and adopt the architectural changes needed for future implementation thus there was an immediate need to integrated reporting platform for the customer to provide faster rollout of the analysis and 360 degree view …

Data Platform Modernization for the World’s Leading Hospitality Company

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The existing data platform was outdated and was not capable to handle heavy volumes of data required for on-boarding of new properties. The system was neither optimized nor scalable towards provisioning of the data from multiple sources required for real time and advance analytics. IGT helped in data modernization with analytical feature-rich web portal & visualization. Share this Post Business …