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Creating a family-like culture at the workplace is much talked about these days, but it is much easier than said. Well, IGT is one organization which has made me realize that your workplace is really like an extended family. And I’ve been part of this ecosystem or family at IGT for the past 11 years.  Let me share a small anecdote on our ‘R&R’ policy. We recently held the 2015 iValue celebrations (awarding and celebrating IGT’s core value champions).

iValue is our annual value based peer to peer recognition program and I was honored with this title this year. We were called for a dinner with the leadership team along with our family members. The dinner was hosted for the iValue 2015 winners and celebrated in the midst of their families and IGT.

We started off with a cake cutting where Mr.Akhil Agarwal (COO, IGT) thanked all the family members for being supportive and caring all through. Akhil very rightly said that, “the real winners are our family members who have always been your pillars of support”. The cake cutting was followed by dinner and socializing with the family members. I was very pleased to hear my wife say that, “It’s really delightful the way IGT motivates and appreciates the team members. Getting the family involved makes the achievement even more valuable.”


The whole experience of getting to know my colleagues’ family members, connecting with them over informal chats and talking to our leaders in presence of our family members was very pleasing.

Experiencing these 11-years at IGT, the emotional connect with IGT as a workplace continues to grow thicker and stronger!

About the Author:
Deepak Banthia has been part of InterGlobe Technologies for over 11 years now and currently working as Associate Project Manager. He was recently awarded the iValue champion as voted by his peers for 2015.

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