The Perception of The Happiest Job

If one has to list down characteristics of an ideal job (a Utopian concept) then Job Satisfaction should come in the top three. Perceived Job Satisfaction does play an important role for one to decide on taking up a particular job or not. Note the word Perceived. It may sound puzzling but the adjective changes the meaning of Job Satisfaction completely. To explain this I am penning down an anecdote:

It was my early days at IGT, must be somewhere in May ‘15. Most of my classmates from MBA were yet to join their companies. They were constantly pestering me with questions regarding my job here. On one such torrid May Day, I was getting ready for Lunch. I entered the canteen washroom to wash my hands. I saw the floor supervisor talking to a cleaner- who looked new; guess he had recently joined. Such interactions are customary and one usually does not notice anything about it. That day, while waiting to wipe my hands, I almost eavesdropped on their conversation. The supervisor was giving instructions regarding what he needs to clean and when. But what amused me the most was the reaction of the cleaner. His face was lit with pleasure and he looked very excited on his, new, job! His gratifying face was something which hit me hard. He was listening to the instructions like a proud army commander receiving a gallantry award. The newly joined cleaner was the happiest employee I had ever seen!

The cleaner taught me an invaluable lesson regarding job satisfaction.  There might be an upsetting story behind his enchanted face which he might be hiding, but this should not concern us. What matters is that your perception of your job matters the most. If might be cleaning utility rooms of other employees or being the head of project team, but how you perceive it makes it worthwhile! At IGT, we work hard, we work with global teams, each with a different perspective on a challenge.  But no matter the differences, we value the end results and so when we work together, we start from the smallest detail, the most insane ideas to the strongest opposition.

When we get back after a completed project, the satisfaction is immense for having created or planned a solution that will impact better travel, better experiences and higher satisfaction.

Remembering Walter Mitty- James Thurber’s masterpiece, which showed the world that you lead a cheerful life despite having all disappointments: Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.

About Ashutosh Deshpande:

Ashutosh Deshpande is travel expert who’s a Mumbaikar at heart, but has adapted NCR as his new home. He loves traveling and often subjects his taste buds to different tastes. He has varied interests like European Football, Music, playing Flute, following movies and writing.


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