Going Green – IGT’s Tree Plantation Drive

While most of the times we are planning or doing things which benefit us only, planting trees is one of the few things we can do to invest in the future generations, today! It is said that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is now!

As an individual, it is very important for me to engage with the community around and contribute towards its betterment. When I came across the opportunity to volunteer for the tree plantation drive being organized by InterGlobe Foundation, I knew that I am definitely nominating for it.

tree plantation drive

On September 10, 2015, around 300 of us from InterGlobe gathered at the Biodiversity Park in Gurgaon near New Delhi to plant around 1000 trees. The weather was not in our favour as it turned out to be hotter than usual September mornings; however, it didn’t deter us from putting on our caps and walking towards the plantation site.

Everyone teamed up in three or four and started planting the saplings with guidance from the experts of that park. It was thrilling to meet so many colleagues from different companies and diverse walks of life with a common interest in environmental responsibility.

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Leaving the site with so many new saplings planted made us feel proud and content that taking out just two hours from our day would be result in greater benefits for our future generations!

About the plantation drive-
InterGlobe has pledged towards a greener environment by planting more trees. We have pledged to plant 1000 trees every year. The drive is being run in partnership with “iamgurgaon”.


About the author:
Kanika Paul is an HR- manager at IGT. She is human resource professional, writer and traveler. She also gets involved in community volunteering often. Blogging to her is a medium of sharing thoughts with people across the globe.  She enjoys being in a crowd and at times, she likes her solitude. A nature lover and travel expert.

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