Ummeed (Hope), IGT’s “unofficial musical troupe”

While IGT is a leading integrated IT-BPO company for the Travel industry, there are fun things that make us far from your ordinary technology company. For ex: on floors, on mornings and late in the evenings, we play a song to start off and end the day. So, if music is your thing, then IGT is the place to be!
The space to develop both professional and personal goals is something makes it an awesome place to work. As we got to work and explore our passions, the music enthusiast in some of us led to the creation of a band called UMMEED – the Hope, IGT’s “unofficial musical troupe”. We started our journey in February 2015 and have grown into a full-fledged band since then.

I am sharing the journey of Ummeed from a three-membered group to a musical band. Zainul, Nida and I, Anshul Madan, came together initially and started off some jam sessions after office. We were soon noticed and people with similar interests joined us which included Vikram, Abhilash and Sarita.


Last year we were a small group of people doing jam sessions, and now Ummeed is a known name across the organization. We perform across genres of music and bring our own twist to the songs. The band members bring blend of Jazz, Sufi, Folk & Bollywood music to the performances. We have given four live performances so far.

The band now performs regular Jam sessions and for employees on certain events. We are also looking forward to come up with our very own YouTube channel. Do tune into the latest music and performances of Ummeed!


About The Author
Anshul Madan is working with IGT as Associate Software Test Engineer for close to 2 years. He likes to read spiritual books, travelling, cycling, Yoga and enjoy playing music. Anshul is proficient in guitar and plays Bollywood music mostly. He is also passionate about community service and is associated with NGOs such as Aashayein, Goonj & NSS

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