IGT’s littlest agents

How easily can one imagine working in office with their kids around? But we decided to give our employees’ little ones a sneak peek into their parent’s workplace and also have fun while their dad or mom take client calls and attend to their daily work at IGT. On IGT ‘Kid’s Day’, we created a work place where the youngest of IGT’s family and the eldest came together. As a travel technology company, looking into end to end travel services, we work around tight deadlines and are always on call. But people were really supportive of this idea and all IGT parents seized this opportunity.

We had about 60 kids in our Echelon office enjoying running around the bays and exploring meeting rooms and cabins and surprising us with the candour and smiles all day long. The day started with musical storytelling and the little ones were then engaged in activities such as pottery, origami, clay modelling and dance. We had some enthusiastic employees who volunteered to conduct these activities. While managing the kids was a daunting task, we ensured that each employee in some way or the other was engaged on this day with the kids.

IGT littlest onesThe IGT office definitely looked like a kindergarten school with kids playing and asking for some employees to join them in their games, but the energy was so high and positive that we managed to work and play at the same time.

IGTian parents were really happy as they got to spend those 8-10 hours on a week day with their children which are very rare. The kids got a feel of how an office looks like, how their dad or mom conduct themselves in office, not to mention that some smart kids definitely spilled the beans about how their parents behave at home!

The day ended with goodies and snacks for the kids, and not to forget a lot of memories, smiles and laughter.

For children to see parents in a professional environment can be empowering and positive influence and at IGT we aimed to do that. We will look forward to more such fun times with the entire family of Travel experts at IGT.

About the Author
: Kanika Paul is an HR- manager at IGT. She is human resource professional, writer and traveler. She also gets involved in community volunteering often. Blogging to her is a medium of sharing thoughts with people across the globe.  She enjoys being in a crowd and at times, she likes her solitude. A nature lover and travel expert.

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