Life in UK

I moved to UK in Oct 2014 with the focus of determination to excel and learn in the new challenge that was presented to me. I was eager to meet the new people that I would be working with, knowing for a fact that they were a group of dynamic and hardworking individuals who have already and continue to strive to imprint their names. This was an additional challenge that was going on the back of my mind, would I be accepted? Would I be… Continue Reading →

Travel to Hogenakkal Falls

It was one of those moments when you wish time could stop! Very calm and peaceful was this place on the riverbank of Cauvery. Sitting on a rock on the river bank and watching the sun set was like falling in love at first sight. I found this place by chance on a detour from Hogenakkal waterfalls near Bangalore and it definitely made my trip worthwhile. With only a handful of people, mostly locals, sitting on the rocks or pulling out the fish net or… Continue Reading →

The power of feedback

Receiving Feedback – PART- I More often than not, well meaning feedback is meant to show you “your place in the pecking order”, or may be to “improve” your performance or heaven forbid “to change you”! There’s another way to look at it too- Do you want to know your place in the pecking order? Do you want to improve your performance? Do you want to change? Let’s look at an angle of feedback, that hasn’t ruffled too many feathers since…. like ever. It’s called… Continue Reading →

IGT training center

IGT works to give back to society and often it works with its employees who volunteer and lead such efforts. So when I received a mailer regarding a volunteering opportunity of teaching under-privileged women with CAP foundation, I instantly accepted it. My previous experience of teaching slum children in Rabale under an NGO called Aarambh had taught me a lot of things- and left me richer than before and I was looking forward to it. Thus, volunteering for the CAP foundation was my first stint… Continue Reading →

iRise – For a better tomorrow

The spirit of giving has been an integral part of IGT’s culture. And so we’ve established our global CSR program called ‘iRise – For a better tomorrow.’ iRise comes from the belief that business has an essential role to play in addressing the challenges of our time and aim at enriching the quality of life within society. Our role is to create opportunities through education and skillset to provide tangible, enduring economic opportunities for low-wealth families, and the communities in which they reside. iRise aims… Continue Reading →