Magic of Travel: The common denominator in both work and life

While I work in IGT Travel, I also enjoy Travel outside of my job. The magic of the moment of travel is that these stories gather no moss, so I sharing my journeys with nature. I am  fascinated with nature, old places, and serenity that are really breathtaking and makes you say that you would want that moment to last forever. I remember during my College days, I was a member of the Mountaineering club. Ever since, I was already into nature and beautiful places. And… Continue Reading →

Woman in today’s professional world and road ahead

In today’s context every organization has ‘Diversity &Inclusion’ on its priority agenda.How to get equality at workplace for women remains an open issue and a big challenge for organization, society and government. Till now, our basic mind-set is driven from our own culture or stereotype we have been living since long. While think-tanks have created women-friendly processes & policies that could empower woman to lead from front, the reality is that still we see a wide gap. I strongly believe that apart from various other… Continue Reading →

The Spirit Of Customer Service – What India can learn from SE Asia

In very simple words, customer service can be literally explained as service to the customer – Service that is cordial, timely and helpful. If we follow these basic tenets, we have satisfied customers, which is the goal of every business: satisfied customers bring more business and satisfied customers tell others about our good service. Whenever I travel to SE Asia, I notice that the citizens of these countries take it a few notches higher than what we have come to expect in India. This is… Continue Reading →

Ummeed (Hope), IGT’s “unofficial musical troupe”

While IGT is a leading integrated IT-BPO company for the Travel industry, there are fun things that make us far from your ordinary technology company. For ex: on floors, on mornings and late in the evenings, we play a song to start off and end the day. So, if music is your thing, then IGT is the place to be! The space to develop both professional and personal goals is something makes it an awesome place to work. As we got to work and explore… Continue Reading →

The Perception of The Happiest Job

If one has to list down characteristics of an ideal job (a Utopian concept) then Job Satisfaction should come in the top three. Perceived Job Satisfaction does play an important role for one to decide on taking up a particular job or not. Note the word Perceived. It may sound puzzling but the adjective changes the meaning of Job Satisfaction completely. To explain this I am penning down an anecdote: It was my early days at IGT, must be somewhere in May ‘15. Most of… Continue Reading →

The Feedback Trilogy PART- II

The Feedback Trilogy – PART- II Continuing from my previous feedback trilogy of the correct way to engage and give feedback, comes the question – What do you do with all that feedback?  And we are moving towards a lot of feedback as we are gear up for the next appraisal cycle, and so I wanted to share the best way to make the most of our ‘feedback’. Let’s just leave the increments and the hikes and the corrections out of this for the time being!… Continue Reading →

IGT Rewards & Recognition

Creating a family-like culture at the workplace is much talked about these days, but it is much easier than said. Well, IGT is one organization which has made me realize that your workplace is really like an extended family. And I’ve been part of this ecosystem or family at IGT for the past 11 years.  Let me share a small anecdote on our ‘R&R’ policy. We recently held the 2015 iValue celebrations (awarding and celebrating IGT’s core value champions). iValue is our annual value based… Continue Reading →

IGT’s littlest agents

How easily can one imagine working in office with their kids around? But we decided to give our employees’ little ones a sneak peek into their parent’s workplace and also have fun while their dad or mom take client calls and attend to their daily work at IGT. On IGT ‘Kid’s Day’, we created a work place where the youngest of IGT’s family and the eldest came together. As a travel technology company, looking into end to end travel services, we work around tight deadlines and… Continue Reading →

Going Green – IGT’s Tree Plantation Drive

While most of the times we are planning or doing things which benefit us only, planting trees is one of the few things we can do to invest in the future generations, today! It is said that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is now! As an individual, it is very important for me to engage with the community around and contribute towards its betterment. When I came across the opportunity to volunteer for the… Continue Reading →

Life in UK

I moved to UK in Oct 2014 with the focus of determination to excel and learn in the new challenge that was presented to me. I was eager to meet the new people that I would be working with, knowing for a fact that they were a group of dynamic and hardworking individuals who have already and continue to strive to imprint their names. This was an additional challenge that was going on the back of my mind, would I be accepted? Would I be… Continue Reading →